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At Barclaycard I was able to make some big changes to the admin portal for

The whole thing was originally built by developers and so was a little ugly and difficult to use. I was tasked with making some of the administration forms a little easier to use.

They are complex forms and had been originally constructed by simply adding new fields to the bottom of the form as and when they were requested by the business.

In this first instance, I simply rearranged the fields into a more sensible order.

Once I had established a logical order for the form, I then broke it down into four tabbed sections to reduce the level of visual complexity that the user is exposed to at any time.

Also, whilst at Barclaycard, I created a standardised form for and wrote several personae.

Virgin Liberation TV Interface

In designing a prototype non-mouse interface for Virgin Media's next generation TV platform I had to break down the operations the user was performing into two dimesional shuffles. I also had to design a controller layout so that I could visualise the leaps the user would need to make. With this in mind I developed a controller layout and interface that, along with the directional and 'OK' buttons made use of the colour buttons and transport controls to form a kind of extended navigation.

7Hz Research Branding and Web Design

This sound-design and music company commissioned branding and photography as well as website design and a Facebook page.

For the logo I explored quite a few abstract concepts before settling on the '7Hz' text as a focus. I then explored lots of different ways of treating the text to produce a strong brand mark.

The photographs were taken from various parts of the town where the company is based.

The client also required a couple of images to use as avatars and specifically asked me to generate images of parts of a robot - I gave them an 'eye' that also now forms a colour version of their logo and a mouth.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media were suffering from severe code bloat after merging the three original sites (, and

To facilitate a codebase clean up I designed several components that would share HTML and CSS but behave differently according to the context on the page.

Computer Arts Cover

Created using crayons and photography to describe a debate about the pros and cons of traditional and digital design techniques.

The finished cover

The detail close up

7Hz Research Branding and Online Presence

The shower curtain manufacturer Aqualona wanted to launch a more contemporary fashionable range and asked me to develop a name and visual identity.

Newham Writers Workshop Logo Design

The Newham Writers Workshop supports and encourages amateur writers. They asked me designed them a new logo.

The resulting logo desrcibes a journey in writing from pen to print.

Darkstate Branding and Cover Art

Drum and Bass collective Darkstate have regularly commissioned CD artwork, branding and photo manipulation.

Manor Park Methodist Church

This client's brief featured lots of symbolism covering ideas of family, growth, life, and community.

The completed work demonstrates these ideas by incorporating a family group within an upward pointing triangle with the text helping to shape the whole into the silhouette of a tree.

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